Firsts at LMC - Revolutionary layout at Innovan campervan

LMC Innovan Active



During the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs, the German brand LMC presents a lot of campervan news, with a good number of models. A special campervan is the LMC Innovan 592, based on the Ford Transit. Also present is a tough variant of this model, the Innovan Active.

Within the camper van segment, the Innovan 592 is a speciality: the car has so-called longitudinal beds: two single beds in the length of the car - and quite frankly: that's almost impossible in a campervan of only 6 meters long. Nevertheless, the LMC designers succeeded in creating these longitudinal beds, which can also be joined together to form a spacious double bed. For that, some very clever adjustments were made.

Unconventional interventions

Length beds in such a compact campervan? You'd say that could only come at the expense of the kitchen and bathroom. But LMC has made some very unconventional changes in those areas! For example, the kitchen has an extendable worktop, which - when you're cooking - can be slid over the foot of the bed. This still creates enough working space in the kitchen. The kitchen is also equipped with a handy pharmacy cabinet. A special feature is the double floor between the two longitudinal beds - an ideal place for the camping table and two chairs. Despite that double floor, there is also plenty of headroom, because LMC chose the Ford Transit as its base vehicle. This is because it is higher than the usual Fiat Ducato commonly used in this segment. In the bathroom we also see some clever innovations in the Innovan 592, such as the swing-away toilet that - when not in use - partially disappears under the bed. The washbasin in the bathroom can also be folded away. This creates a shower area of 60 by 70 centimeters. In terms of styling, the Innovan makes subtle use of wood tones, while white and taupe create a warm atmosphere in the motorhome. With the cab seats turned over, a compact but cozy living lounge is created that can accommodate four people.

Tough Active

During the show, you can admire more special campervans from LMC's Innovan series. This includes the Innovan 600 and the tough Innovan Active, among others. The Innovan Active is equipped with off-road tires, a bullbar at the front, a roof rack with extra spotlights on the roof and a ladder at the rear. All of these modifications come in a tough matte black finish. On the inside, the Active has a double bed in width, which is almost two meters long, due to an extension in both side walls at the head and foot end. The LMC Active really has to rely on its tough exterior, which makes it look like a 4×4. Yet it is "just" equipped with front-wheel drive.

During the Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs (October 4-8, Jaarbeurs Utrecht) the LMC Innovan models will be on display for the first time in the Netherlands. You can admire them on stand 07.D006.

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