Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs firsts model year 2024: motorhome news



LMC unpacks new motorhome models

The German brand LMC is bringing three interesting camper vans to the fair with the Ford Transit as the basic vehicle: the Innovan 592 with longitudinal beds, the Innovan 600 with a transverse double bed and the tough Innovan Active with the look of a rugged 4×4, which nevertheless has the "normal" front-wheel drive: yes, the looks, but not the higher costs in terms of fuel consumption. Furthermore, the manufacturer from Sassenberg is showing two half-integrals at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs: the Tourer H664 - also on Ford - and the compact Cruiser V646.

Four motorhomes at Eura Mobil

Four motorhomes from the German brand Eura Mobil will be on display at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs, including the Profila, which is available on Mercedes as well as Fiat. The popular semi-integrated has been completely restyled for the 2024 model year in a design that is sure to catch the eye of Eura enthusiasts. There is also a special "White Edition" of the Profila semi-integrated, all white of course, including special alloy wheels. To showcase the program in its full breadth, there is also an Integra integral present, plus a campervan for lovers of compact cars.

Weinsberg expands

Weinsberg, the second brand of Knaus, is known for its special action models, where the extensive standard equipment makes many motorhome owners' mouths water. For example, the Weinsberg Pepper has been the best-selling semi-integrated in the Netherlands for many years. For the 2024 model year, Weinsberg is expanding the popular CaraLoft and CaraSuite series with a total of six new semi-integrated motorhomes based on the Ford Transit. For those going on vacation with more than two people, the CaraSuite is worth a look, due to the drop-down bed that lowers from the ceiling above seating area.

Dreamer campervans

New from French motorhome manufacturer Dreamer is the D51, on display at Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs. The D51 is a six-meter-long campervan based on the Ford Transit. Special about the Ford campervans - so also with Dreamer - is the standing height of 2 meters. The D51 is also available in the deluxe Select version, where you can choose the tough Trail variant that includes the custom grille. In addition to the Ford models, there are also camper vans based on the Fiat Ducato, of which the D55, the D68 and the D62 are at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs.

New models at Rapido

As many as six camper models the French Rapido is bringing to Utrecht, including the completely new C03 on Fiat. The compact semi-integrated, with a length of 6.20 meters, is equipped with a transverse bed as wide as 1.50 meters. Among the campervans, the Rapido V65XL is a special bus camper. Built on the Fiat Ducato and equipped with a transverse bed as well as a fold-down bed hidden in the high roof. This allows you to travel with four people effortlessly. At the very other end of the spectrum is the M96: the luxurious Rapido integrated with the prominent Mercedes star on the grille.

Italian glamour: Laika

Efforts by Dutch Laika dealers have ensured that the Italian motorhome brand will also be on display at the Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs. The Kosmo series - based on the Fiat Ducato - has been completely renewed for model year 2024. New features include the fact that the Kosmo semi-integrated motorhomes can now also be ordered with an electric lift bed. In the luxury Kreos series, the integrated motorhome has been substantially overhauled. Most striking is the grille, reminiscent of electrically powered cars. It's not there yet, but it does give the Kreos - built on the Fiat Ducato with ALKO chassis - a completely unique look. That the vehicle belongs to the premium segment is evident from the standard Alde liquid heater, the electrically operated blind at the windshield and the standard double glazing at the side windows in the cabin.

Chausson surprises with X650

Chausson has a new model for 2024: the X650 on Fiat Ducato. It looks somewhat like a campervan, but it is a compact semi-integrated with remarkably more interior space than a "van. That's because of the X650's straight side walls. A sense of space is created in the X650 by the face-to-face layout, where the lounge sofas are arranged opposite each other. Sleeping is done in the drop-down bed hidden in the ceiling above the living area. Also striking is the large walk-in closet at the rear of the compact semi-integrated.

Adria now also on M.A.N.

With the Twin camper vans, Adria has a runner in the program. To meet the demand for a "size more," the Slovenian brand introduces the Twin Max versions, for which Adria uses the M.A.N. commercial vehicles as a basis. With this, Adria immediately has a new base vehicle in its lineup, as until now the Twin motorhomes were only available on Fiat and Citroën. There are three new layouts, including the six-meter-long 600 SPB with a transverse bed, the Twin Max 680 SLB and the 680 SGX (with lift-up bed), both of which stay well under seven meters (6.84 meters). The dimensions of the beds - especially the width - are striking: 1.96 by 1.78 meters. The Twin Max has 140 hp on board as standard; 177 hp is optional, with a choice of manual or an 8-speed automatic.

Tough first at Pilote: Atlas

A completely newly developed campervan from the French company Pilote is the Atlas, which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the campervan manufacturer. The basic vehicle chosen was the Ford Transit. It comes standard with a 170-hp four-cylinder diesel engine and has an automatic transmission - also standard. It is also well equipped in terms of electronics, with various driving assistants that increase comfort and safety on the road. In terms of standard equipment, the Atlas also features dual solar panels combined with a lithium battery. On the outside, the tough off-road looks are especially striking, in the Trail trim, with a large Ford logo on the black grille.


Sun, sea and beach! Those who immediately call Spain may not immediately think of Benimar motorhomes. Yet it is not only apples of orange that come from the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish motorhome manufacturer has been building motorhomes for fifty years, and while many motorhome brands seek refuge in the Ford Transit as their base vehicle, Benimar is actually saying goodbye to Ford in order to focus entirely on Peugeot and Fiat. New in the Tessoro line, which has no fewer than twelve different models. Standing out is the T430: a six-meter-long motorhome with French bed. Within the Tessoro line there are also three Essential editions, which include awning, panoramic roof hatch, solar panels, TV system and parking sensors.

Crosscamp expands

One of the youngest brands in the Erwin Hymer Group is Crosscamp, known for the 'urban camper': super compact campervans, or actually luxury travel trailers in which you can also spend the night. Crosscamp is now expanding the program with the 'normal' size campervans, with the Flex 541, the Full 600 and the Full 640, all three built on the Opel Movano with standard 140 hp. The Flex 541 in particular is a special vehicle with a modular interior that allows you to take large sports equipment on vacation, for example. All Flex versions come as 'Unlimited Edition; with extensive standard equipment.

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