12 firsts: awnings, rooftop tents and accessories in model year 2024



There are many firsts to admire during Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs. Here are another 12 scoops that you should definitely not miss!

New Roof Tents at Campwerk

Convenience, mobility and flexibility: these are the reasons why many people choose the rooftop tent. Besides, you no longer sleep on the cold ground and a roof tent fits on almost every car. This makes the rooftop tent currently the fastest growing camping device in the Netherlands. The German brand Campwerk - known for roof tents and sturdy off-road tent trailers - introduces at Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs no less than two new roof tent models: the Campwerk Good Vibes and the iKamper Blue Dot Voyager. Both roof tents are so-called "hardshell" roof tents, where the tent is placed in a kind of ski box. The ease of use is enormous: unfold and ready!

'La Luna': new tent trailer from Campooz

Folding trailer manufacturer Campooz has a new tent trailer, the "La Luna. Like its big sister Red Ruby, this compact variant also folds open crosswise. The La Luna also has a sleeping cabin in the shape of a diamond. Uniquely, you can reach the sleeping cabin from the foot end as well as from the side. Also new is the zippable cockpit cover. This increases the ease of set-up. The platform - the trailer now produced in-house at Campooz - is black powder-coated and handmade in a sheltered workshop. Other Campooz news is that the Fat Freddy, Lazy Jack and Sleepy Joe models have undergone a total makeover, with different tent canvas, a higher entrance and a standard awning that can easily be expanded to an awning.

Isabella Dove awning

Isabella, the Danish camping brand that produces not only caravan awnings but also camping furniture and other accessories, has added two new awnings to its collection: the Nordic and the Dove. The latter is an inflatable awning for both caravan and camper, with a vehicle height of 245 to 270 cm. An elastic lacing system in the wall prevents loose flaps and ensures a tight construction. As standard, the Dove has a detachable pet awning, and optionally you can order a larger awning. Also new is the Nordic: an awning for several seasons. For example, the roof is made of a sturdy, weather-resistant and coated material and the windows have blinding flaps with zippers on the outside to protect your windows when you are away. The awning is available in two depths, 240 and 300 cm.

Guy builds electric bus camper

Ventje, the still young Dutch camper van company that converts VW Transporters into camper vans, among other things, has developed a new electric camper van: the eVentje, which has also been nominated at the same time for the election of "the most sustainable means of camping." eVentje is designed based on Volkswagen's ID.Buzz, which, according to the manufacturer, is the most efficient electric van on the market. To achieve comfortable interior space in this compact van, Ventje's builders developed an innovative system that automatically increases seating and reclining space via sliding the front seat. As a result, the eVentje was recently included in the Good Product Design Top 100.

TakeOff with E-Trailer system

Easy Caravanning is the Dutch manufacturer of the TakeOff: a crossover between the compact caravan and the folding trailer, with a set-up time of only seconds. The TakeOff, which has been nominated for the election of "the most sustainable camping vehicle," can be equipped with the E-Trailer system starting with the model year. To make the innovative folding caravans even safer and more comfortable. Via an app on the phone, all kinds of information is displayed, such as ball bearing pressure, tire pressure and tire temperature. Depending on the modules the customer has equipped the TakeOff with, the system also shows, for example, the temperature of the cooler and helps to level the TakeOff. Track&Trace is also possible with E-Trailer. Because the TakeOff is not normally equipped with an on-board battery, engineers worked closely with E-Trailer to develop an extremely compact, lightweight battery with trickle charger that ensures that the memory of the E-Trailer system is always preserved. The system will be standard on the top series of the TakeOff and optional on the other models beginning in the 2024 model year.

'Homy' awning from Campooz

Campooz Caravanning, which among other things develops awnings for caravans, comes up with a complete awning, the "Homy. A special feature is that campers can choose where the door should be: all panels are easily removable and a porch pole is supplied as standard. The resemblance to the adventurous tent trailers built by the Drenthe-based manufacturer is striking. This gives the caravan a slightly different look than you are used to at the campsite. Like the Campooz tent trailers, the Homy awning is equipped with the Clima-C system and the awning can also be completely darkened.

No more lifting with the e-bike elevator bike carrier

Memo, the supplier of tow bars for motorhomes and bike carriers, among others, introduces the Bike Lift bike carrier that lowers electrically to the ground. That means you don't have to keep lifting heavy e-bikes, because you simply drive the e-bikes over the ground onto the carrier. After placing the e-bikes, a push of a button is enough to activate the elevator. Thus, the bikes are automatically raised to the correct height without any effort. The Bike Lift bike carrier is mounted on the rear wall of the motorhome and has a load capacity of 60 kg, sufficient for two electric bikes.

REDA awning purifies the air

REDA, the Dutch family company that has been producing awnings for caravans for 33 years, has a new model: the REDA Green 300. That awning is partly made of special awning fabric that purifies the outside air. Four square meters of the special REDA Greenline awning fabric is enough to offset the pollutants emitted by a passenger car for 1 year. That filtering of the air can be repeated millions of times. In laboratory tests, nitrogen dioxide levels in the air have been reduced by as much as 55 percent. In addition, the REDA Greenline tent canvas is mold-resistant and self-cleaning: an absolute first at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs.

Smitveld awning for Kip Shelter

Smitveld, the manufacturer of adventure tent trailers and folding trailers, has developed an awning for the Kip Shelter, the mini-caravan with rear door. The Smitveld Tag Shelter can be expanded into a complete awning that doubles the living space of the Kip Shelter in an instant. In addition, the Tag Shelter provides a lot of extra comfort: you are sheltered from the rain behind the caravan and when the sun shines you can read a book in the shade. The advantage of the Smitveld awning is that the rear door of the caravan can be fully opened - something that is not possible with the original awning.

Flyer e-bike with ABS

At the Bike Trail, you can test ride the new Flyer GoTour ABS: a new e-bike from the Swiss manufacturer, which is equipped with ABS. The Anti-Lock System was developed by Bosch and prevents the front wheel from locking, even when braking forcefully. This means that you can therefore no longer roll over and remain in control of the e-bike even in emergency situations. The Flyer GoTour is further equipped with high-quality components, such as a powerful Bosch motor, hydraulically operated the in-house developed bicycle lighting with prominent daytime running lights. In addition to information on current speed, distance and range, the new display also provides gear shifting advice.

News at VB Airsuspension

VB Airsuspension, the Dutch company that develops air suspension systems worldwide for ambulances and motor homes, among others, has two firsts. New is the control unit for the auxiliary air suspension that motorhomes can be equipped with at the rear. This auxiliary air suspension improves the road holding of motorhomes and the new control unit is more precise, more user-friendly and, above all, easier to install than the current control unit. As a result, the display can be mounted at any position on the dashboard. Also new are VB's composite leaf springs, which replace the heavy steel leaf springs of motorhomes. Those composite leaf springs have two advantages: better road holding and a substantial weight savings of 20 to even 30 kilos. The new VB leaf springs are available in light, medium and heavy versions, depending on the type of camper.

Sitta new rooftop tent from BTBD

Dare To Be Different, a Dutch rooftop tent manufacturer, is showing the Sitta at the Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs. It fits on almost all passenger cars and is then about 30 cm high. The Sitta is a so-called softshell roof tent, with a cover made of truck fabric as protection against wind and rain. The roof tent unfolds in seconds and is ready for use within 5 minutes. A special feature of the Sitta is the robust TenCate polycotton tent fabric: hard-wearing and breathable. The Sitta is suitable for two persons: in the roof tent there is a mattress of 140 by 230 cm. For longer stays, an under-tent is available as an extra living space, or to cook in when the weather is less clement.

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