Campers sort for green vacation



Campers are finding sustainability an increasingly important factor when planning their vacations. When choosing a camping site, almost half (48 percent) already take sustainability into account. This is according to a representative survey of the ANWB among 448 campers, which was conducted on behalf of the Sustainability Congress Camping Industry, an initiative of ANWB, BOVAG, HISWA-RECRON, Camping & Caravan Industry, Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs and NKC.

Sustainability is alive and well among campers. You can conclude that when half of campers consider sustainability when choosing a location. Moreover, almost half (46 percent) are also willing to pay extra for a demonstrably more sustainable destination. On average as much as 21 percent extra, according to the ANWB survey. Interestingly, more men (51 percent) than women (40 percent) are willing to pay more for the more sustainable choice.

Separating waste

Waste separation is considered by far the most important sustainability aspect for a campsite (mentioned by 71 percent). This is followed by the economical use of water (57 percent) and the use of solar panels (44 percent). A fifth of respondents consider the presence of a charging station (very) important.

Tips and overview

Most respondents would like to see an overview of all the sustainable measures taken by a campground. This could be in a brochure, via email or on the website. A number of respondents indicated that they would also like to see a sustainability score from an independent organization, in order to compare the campground with other campgrounds.

Furthermore, some would like to receive tips on sustainable camping and additionally understand the cost differences between sustainable options, for example affordable options for towing a trailer tent.

Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Congress for the Camping Industry, organized by ANWB, BOVAG, HISWA-RECRON, Camping & Caravan Industry, Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs and NKC, took place yesterday at Royal Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Three sustainability awards were presented at the conference. The winners:

Most sustainable camping vehicle: TakeOff, a crossover of a caravan and a folding trailer, whose design makes it the solution for the electric driver.

Most sustainable campground: As a completely electrified campground, Camping Weltevreden was able to convince the jury and audience with facts and figures that they are the most sustainable campground.

Most sustainable innovation concept: With the one-day event, Second Tent Event creates a place where buyers and sellers of used tents come together and promote circularity.

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