Top 10 European destinations for nature and outdoor enthusiasts

ourist admires Lovatnet Lake Norway Serene Norwegian fjord with crystal-clear waters surrounded by towering mountains



Do you like a little challenge during your camping vacation? Do you like to push your limits to discover new landscapes and have unforgettable experiences? Then Europe has plenty to offer with spectacular locations where you can pitch your tent and discover nature. Whether you love rugged mountains, vast forests or breathtaking coastlines, Europe has it all. Discover the top 10 European destinations you should definitely visit as an adventure camper!

  • Norwegian Fjords, Norway
    Take a road trip through Norway's breathtaking fjords. Hike through spectacular valleys, enjoy the impressive views and camp in the middle of pristine nature. Extra fun in Norway, wild camping is allowed and you can pitch your tent almost anywhere.
  • Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
    Waterval in Kroatie

Explore the lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of 16 lakes connected by waterfalls. The hiking trails and wooden walkways lead you past crystal clear waters and lush forests, perfect for an adventure camping experience.

  • Dolomites, Italy
    Dolomite peaks in the clouds

The Dolomites are a true paradise for climbers and hikers. With its dramatic mountain peaks and picturesque valleys, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers countless opportunities for adventurous campers. From beginner to advanced hiker, a variety of (hut) tours can be done here.

  • Lake District, England
    Tent in the grass in Lake District

This beautiful area in northwest England is known for its mountains, lakes and historic charm. It is an ideal destination for hikers and campers who love rugged nature. There are many campsites in the area where you can pitch your tent or stay overnight with your RV.

  • Pyrenees, Spain/France
    Vrouw hiker loopt op bergpad in pyreneeen

This well-known mountain range, should definitely not be missing from this list. This area offers a wide range of adventure activities, from challenging hikes to whitewater rafting. Camp in the shadow of majestic mountains and explore the beautiful natural parks.

  • Saxon Switzerland, Germany
    Wandelbrug door bergen in sasksisch berglandschap

Known for its bizarre rock formations and deep gorges. This area is a mecca for climbers and hikers. The national park offers numerous camping spots amid the impressive nature.

  • Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland
    Groep toeristen loopt door ijslandschap in ijsland

This park is home to Europe's largest glacier. With spectacular landscapes, ice caves and volcanic areas. An adventure camping spot for the real daredevil.

  • Tatra Mountains, Poland/Slovakia
    Berg meer met bergen op de achtergrond

This lesser-known mountain range offers breathtaking views and challenging hiking trails. Camp in pristine nature and discover the wild beauty of the Tatras.

  • Triglav National Park, Slovenia
    Berg meer met helder water en berg op de achtergrond

Slovenia's only national park, named after the highest mountain Triglav, is perfect for campers who do like adventure. Enjoy spectacular views, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers.

  • Scottish Highlands, Scotland
    Bergen van scottisch highlands met wolken

The rugged beauty of the Highlands offers endless opportunities for adventure. Trek through remote valleys, climb towering mountains and camp under the stars.

Europe has so much to offer for an adventurous camping vacation, from the fjords of Norway to the glaciers of Iceland. Each destination has its unique charm and challenges, allowing you to push new boundaries and make unforgettable memories every time. Pack your backpack, pitch your tent and embark on a new adventure in one of these spectacular European destinations.